4 Earth Day Activities for You and Your Pet

If your pet isn’t sure what to do this Earth Day, we’ve got a list of ways they can help!  Check out these pet-friendly activities and don’t forget that every day should be Earth Day!

1) Recycling: If you’re already purchasing toys or bedding made from recycled material, you’re doing great! Some other steps you can take include recycling any cans from canned dog or cat food, as well as any shampoo or medicine bottles, or purchasing a re-usable water bottle for your pet (to avoid using disposable plastic water bottles).

2) Donating: Those extra towels, blankets, pens, and even an old printer can all be donated to your local shelter. Shelters are in constant need of a wide variety of items and donating your spring cleaning items can keep a rescue pet out of kill shelters and off the streets.  Give a call to your local shelter to see what items they are in constant need of!

3) Volunteering: If your dog has got the “clean up” command down, taking him or her to your local park to recycle littered bottles and bags would be a great adventure for them and help out the Earth.  If not, you can donate your time to shelter pets who need some TLC!  Check out your local shelter’s requirements and training for volunteers!  You may only be able to volunteer 1 night a week, but that 1 person may make all the difference!

4) Cleaning Up After Your Pup: All responsible owners will pick up after their dogs whether it be in the backyard, down the street, or in the park.  Though we are constantly surrounded by plastic bags, certain brands like BioBags make biodegradable bags for your pup’s poop!  If you’ve got a kitty at home, you can try using eco-friendly litters like Yesterday’s News (made from recycled newspaper) for their litterbox.

How are you and your pet celebrating Earth Day?  Let us know in the comments below!