7 Beautiful and Adorable Pet Smiles

Fourth of July may be over, but these pets are happy to return to their regular routines!

1) Despite her name being Toothless, this pup has an adorable (and toothy) smile!


2) This cutie cat is showing off her pearly whites!

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3) We have no idea what’s got this German Shepherd so excited, but we want in!


4)  AWW!

Mi bebesito cacheton?? #catsmile #tabbywhitecat ✨

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5) Marcy smiles biggest while rolling in the grass!


6) This kitten was just told that he was adopted!


7) We have no idea what Surya’s smiling for, but we’re loving it!

I ❤️ ?

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What gets your pet smiling?  Let us know in the comments below!