April’s Monthly Special: Prevent Pet Phobias

April Showers Bring Thunderstorm Cowers.
For many of our pets, loud noises such as thunder and fireworks can be terrifying events. While some furry friends hide under the bed, others become very destructive in their attempts to “escape.” Our doctors and technicians would love to discuss behavioral modification and treatment options for your pet’s anxiety. Noise phobias tend to worsen without intervention. In an effort to bring peace into your household, we are offering 10% OFF ALL BEHAVIOR PRODUCTS, including Composure calming treats for dogs or cats, Adaptil dog appeasing pheromone, Feliway pheromone, and Thundershirts. Now is a good time to start preparing for the 4th of July. For severe cases, we recommend a consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Feltes, whose behavior clinic is located in Olmsted Falls. www.TheBehaviorClinic.com