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7 Pets With Stylish Sunglasses

Summer is drawing to a close, but these cool cats and happy dogs are enjoying every minute til the end! They’re also being responsible and protecting their eye health with fashionable shades.  Read their tips on how to wear your sunnies in style!


1) …


Perks Of A Well-Groomed Dog

Even if our dogs aren’t the biggest fans of baths or haircut, it’s important for us to keep up with their hygiene habits.  Here’s a list of just a few benefits that regular grooming provides!

Regular nail trimming keeps dogs’ nails from overgrowing.  Overgrown nails can …


Dog Nail Trim Tutorial

Plenty of dogs are highly resistant of the dreaded nail trim!  If you want to try to do your dog’s nails at home, here’s a video with some tips!



Not sure your pup can handle a nail trim at home?  Take her …


Trend Alert: Competitive Grooming!

While everyone appreciates a good dog groomer, competitive dog grooming is the latest trend! Follow Patricia Sugihara of Los Angeles through all the hard work that goes into a dog grooming session!



While Patricia may not have won this competition, we’re sure …


Why All Cats Should See The Vet

We’ve heard many concerned cat owners ask the question: “Why does my cat need the vet if he/she doesn’t go outside?” While keeping your cat indoors may reduce the chances of exposure to a wide variety of feline diseases as well as injuries, there are …