How To Handle Your Anxious Pet

Training a pet with anxiety can be particularly difficult.  If they are too stressed by the situation (being left alone, near an unfamiliar animal/person, etc) they may become destructive to your furniture or even have full blown panic attacks.  The key is to modify their behavior without generating more reason for fear or nervousness.  We’ve gathered a few articles from Dr. Sophia Yin’s website.  Dr. Yin is an animal behaviorist whose techniques are highly regarded.  She has many articles and videos not only to help owners understand and communicate with their pets but also to help veterinary staff learn how to handle pets with behavioral problems without adding stress.

For Cats:

Separation Anxiety In Cats: When A Smelly Surprise Means Kitty Loves You

Thundershirt Allows Cat To Have A Positive Veterinary Hospital Visit

Tips For Dealing With Urine Spraying In Cats

For Dogs:

Dog Training Philosophy and Strategies

Separation Anxiety Solution: Training Fido That Calm Behavior Makes You Return

Excessive Barking: Why Some Dogs Bark And How To Fix It

Dr. Yin has many more articles spanning various topics-she even covers exotic pets like horses, birds, ferrets and more!

On the other hand, if you feel you and your pet need more of a hands-on approach to behavior modification and are in Northeast Ohio, we recommend Dr. Elizabeth Feltes of The Behavior Clinic.  Dr. Feltes works with a wide variety of animals and as a veterinarian, she is able to prescribe any medications she feels are necessary to aid your pet’s behavior modification process.  She is also experienced in other medical techniques, including acupuncture!

What are the biggest behavioral problems you have with your pet?  Let us know in the comments below!