How You Can Prevent The Dog Flu

Since the Canine Flu is a new disease (the first case being reported only in 2003!), most dogs have little to no natural immunity to this extremely contagious virus.  We’re encouraging everyone to vaccinate their pups against the dog flu this year.

In order to make the dog flu vaccine more accessible to all pet parents, we’re giving $5 off each Canine Influenza vaccine given during the month of September!  We will also take $5 off your pup’s physical exam fee.

Dogs initially need a series of 2 vaccines within a 2-4 week period.  After this, they will need to be revaccinated each year to stay protected.

Give us a call at 216-688-3737 to set up an appointment for your favorite dog!  Here at Emerald Animal Hospital, your pet’s health is our first priority and we can’t wait to meet your four-legged friend!