Keep Your Cat Safe This October

With the season of pumpkin patches, apple cider, and Halloween comes a new set of dangers, especially for our feline friends.  Here are some of the dangers the face this time of year and how you can help prevent them.


  • Many shelters across the country firmly believe that cats, especially black cats, are either neglected or abused around Halloween.
    • Some believe that individuals will adopt (or abduct) cats during the Halloween season for cruel rituals or as a Halloween costume prop.
  • Cats, when scared, are likely to bolt out of open windows or doors.
    • Commotion during Trick-Or-Treating or your neighbor’s award winning haunted yard display may upset your cat.
  • Decorations in your home could endanger your kitty.
  • Most Halloween candies are toxic to felines.


How You Can Protect Your Cat

  • Keep your cat indoors.  Even if you have an indoor-outdoor cat or a strictly outdoor cat, bring them in for the season.
  • Place an orange collar with ID tags on your cat.  The Kitty Convict project is a movement to dress indoor cats in orange to signify to other people that your cat has escaped and is supposed to be inside.
  • Microchip your kitty in case that bright orange collar comes off on their outdoor adventure.
  • During Halloween festivities, provide your cat a quiet room away from the activities and open doors.  You can include their food, water, their favorite blankets or toys, and their litter box in this room til the hustle and bustle of the holiday is over.
  • Keep candy under wraps.  This means off of counters or tables and behind cupboards or drawers you know your kitty can’t open.
  • If you see a cat (or any animal) in a dangerous situation this month, be sure to contact your local humane society, SPCA, or animal control!
  • If you were hoping to adopt a (black) cat this month but the local shelter

Here at Emerald Animal Hospital, we want all cats to stay safe this October.  If your kitty gets injured, anxious, sick, or needs preventative care like microchipping and vaccinations this month, give us a call at 216-688-3737.  We’re ready to help keep your cats stay in tip top shape and are looking forward to meeting them!