Indoor Cat Health Concerns

While keeping your cat indoors may provide a safer lifestyle with a significant reduction of infectious diseases and injuries, it doesn’t mean your kitty will never get sick.  Here are just a few diseases don’t stop at your front door.

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Tips for a Happy Indoor Cat

It may seem beneficial to let your cat roam the outdoors, but many dangers come with the new territory.  Many domesticated cats end up hurt, lost, or killed when they are permitted a life outdoors.  Some risks include, but are not limited to:

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5 Reasons Cats Love The Great Indoors

Though some cats may love to explore, these felines find adventure in their own homes! Check out 5 reasons why these kitties love the indoor life!

1) Why climb a Redwood when you can have a soft and fuzzy cat tree instead?


Cleveland’s Dog-Friendly Beaches

Swimming is a great way to keep your pup both cool and active during the summer months.  Here’s a list of the dog-friendly beaches in our area!

Edgewater Park Reservation in Cleveland

Please note that only a specific portion of the beach allows dogs and ... READ MORE»