Perks Of A Well-Groomed Dog

Even if our dogs aren’t the biggest fans of baths or haircut, it’s important for us to keep up with their hygiene habits.  Here’s a list of just a few benefits that regular grooming provides!

  • Regular nail trimming keeps dogs’ nails from overgrowing.  Overgrown nails can make it difficult for your dog to walk and be extremely painful.
  • Ear cleaning can remove any water or debris build-up to help prevent ear infections.
  • Regular brushing is beneficial to all dog breeds, not just long-haired ones.  Brushing the hair redistributes your dog’s natural oils across his or her coat to bring out that beautiful shine.  In addition to that, brushing also removes dead hair, dandruff, and dirt from your pet’s coat to help keep it clean between baths.
  • For long-haired or curly-coated dogs, regular trips to the groomers [typically every 4-6 weeks] are crucial to the prevention of tangles and matting of the fur.
  • Daily tooth brushing can help prevent tartar and plaque build up as well as tooth decay and oral disease.
  • While bathing your dog too frequently can lead to dry skin and fur problems, bathing after swimming or muddy adventures are definitely a must.



Here at Emerald Animal Hospital, we’re fortunate that we have an experienced groomer like Briana Kelly on our staff.  If you have questions about dog grooming or would like to schedule an appointment with her [vaccines required], give us a call at 216-688-3737.  She’d love to meet your canine companion!