Pet Halloween Costume Safety

It’s important that if your pet wants to dress up this Halloween that the costume is safe for your pet to wear! Here’s some tips on how to keep the attire pet-friendly!

  1. Keep your pet calm and happy: If putting on an entire costume induces anxiety in your pet, take the costume off.  Causing your pet unnecessary stress isn’t worth the cute photo op.  Try a festive collar or bow instead.
  2. Make sure their ID tags are visible: ID tags can get lost under the fabric of a costume. Make sure that your pet’s ID is visible at all times, in case he should decide to Trick-Or-Treat on his own.
  3. Add some neon: Whether you add a bright color to the costume or some glow-in-the-dark stitching, make sure your pet is visible in the dark.
  4. Be sure that the costume is comfy: The costume should fit appropriately and be made of soft materials that will not irritate your pet.
  5. Keep it simple: There’s no need for elaborate extensions or accessories that weigh your pet down.  Keeping the costume light and simple will make it more tolerable for your pet to wear.
  6. The costume should never restrict movement: Your pet should be able to walk, turn their head, sniff, sit, lie down, eat, drink, urinate, and defecate comfortably in their costume.
  7. The costume should never restrict the senses: Your pet should be able to move their ears, fully see (including peripheral vision), and breathe without any discomfort.  We discourage any kind of mask for your pet’s costume and you should check that any pieces around the chest allow for breathing.
  8. Limit the headgear: Most pets don’t appreciate hats, wigs, or masks, as these limit their senses.
  9. Remove any choking or strangling hazards: Any beads, strings, or other small pieces should be removed from the costume.  No pieces should be anchored around or cause pressure on their neck or on their collars.
  10. Know where your pet is at all times: If you’re having a private party, make sure you know where your pet is at all times, should they have a costume mishap or try to bolt out the door.  If you’re out enjoying trick-or-treating or a parade, keep your pet on a short leash to make sure they can’t run away if they’re spooked by some lawn decor.


Want to share your pet’s costume ideas with us? Let us know in the comments below!




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