Pet Sibling Rivalry and Anxiety

Sometimes even all the attention and TLC can’t seem to soothe the stress of multi-pet homes.  When all else fails, adding some “stress relievers” can make a big difference!

Pheromones are chemical substances that are secreted from one animal and are able to affect the behavior of another animal.  Ceva studied the different calming pheromones released by cats and dogs and created synthetic copies for you to use in your home.

Adaptil for dogs uses a copy of the pheromone released by mother dogs to calm their puppies and can be used for a wide variety of reasons.  Stress or anxiety triggered by travel, thunderstorms, or separation may all be soothed by the Adaptil products.  When introducing a new pet, Adaptil products may help the transition of both pets by helping them feel safe and relaxed.  Adaptil comes in both a collar (which continuously releases the pheromone even on walks and during playtime) and a diffuser (similar in style to scent plug-in diffusers).

For cats, Ceva produced Feliway and Feliway Multi-Cat.

Feliway was developed from one of the facial pheromones that cats secrete to mark their territory.  When a cat comes up to you and rubs his or her face on you, he or she is marking you with pheromones as a part of the territory.  When cats become stressed in new environments, they may begin scratching at furniture or spraying.  With the Feliway pheromone copy present, cats are able to be calmer and less territorial.  This product comes in both a spray bottle and a plug-in diffuser and can be used for one or several cats.

Feliway Multi-Cat is based on a different pheromone that is released by mother cats to soothe their kittens.  This product helps to relieve tension, conflict, and aggression between cats.  This product also comes in a spray bottle and a plug-in diffuser and may make the introduction of a new cat into your home much easier.

If you feel your pet is nervous or anxious due to any reason, these products may be the answer! Ask your veterinarian about them today!

Emerald Animal Hospital carries Adaptil, Feliway, and Feliway Multi-Cat products.  Call us at 216-749-7161 or send us an email to set up an appointment and our doctors will do their best to resolve your pets’ stress, anxiety, or other medical issues.