Summer Activities For Your Cats and Dogs

Pets love the summer weather, so we’ve assembled this list of fun summertime activities for you and your pet to enjoy together!

For Cats

Play some water games: Many cats will bat or lap up water dripping slowly from a faucet. Letting the faucet drip for a few minutes is definitely a safe way to let your kitty enjoy the water.  You can also place small toys, such as rubber ducks, in your cat’s water bowl of him to play with prior to taking a drink.

Add some new hiding places: This can be as simple as a cardboard box or as fancy as a store-bought cat play pen.  Keeping your cat’s brain stimulated is important during the summer months, especially if you’re often away at cookouts or festivals.

Build a catio: A “catio” is an enclosure in which your cat can safely experience the outdoors!  Check out this tutorial on how to build one yourself!

Take your cat for a walk: Not all cats will enjoy or tolerate this.  Be sure your cat is comfortable with a leash and harness walking around inside prior to ever taking them outside.  Getting them used to the leash and harness can be a long and length process for adult cats, so take your time and don’t rush it.


For Dogs:

Go for a swim: Check your local area to see which beaches and/or pools permit pets.  While some locations will host dogs all year around, others have special “dog days” in which the pool is reserved for canine patrons.

Visit a new dog park: The Greater Cleveland area seems to have new dog parks popping up every year!  Hop in the car and go on an adventure with your dog to investigate some of the “new and hip” areas in the canine world!

Have a coffee date with your dog: Many local cafés have dog-friendly patios.  You can enjoy a coffee, a pastry, and a bowl of fresh water at your leisure while enjoying the summer sun.

Go to a drive in movie: The Aut-o-Rama Drive In in North Ridgeville hosts dog-friendly events every summer!  These events are typically fundraisers for different animal rescue groups.  The cost of your pet’s movie ticket goes to helping shelter animals find their future forever homes!


We hope everyone has a wonderfully fun summer season, but don’t forget to keep your pet safe from these summer dangers during these activities!

Have any activity ideas that we missed?  Let us know in the comments below!