How To Keep Pets Busy At Home

Even the calmest pets can get bored when left at home for the day.  Being bored and alone can also result in your cat or dog participating in some destructive behaviors.  Here are some tips on how to keep them busy even when you’re away!


Help Your Cat Love The Vet

The veterinarian’s office can be a scary place for our feline friends.  Lots of other animal smells, big equipment, pokes and prods, and more unpleasant experiences [no pet likes a thermometer]!  Here are some tips that we have to make your cat’s vet visit go …


Anxiety Relief For Your Pet

If your pet has severe phobias or anxiety, finding products to help relieve their stress may be difficult-but do not fear!  Here at Emerald Animal Hospital, we’re very familiar with the available products for pets and have put together a list of ones we recommend …