cat behavior

Why Indoor Cats Need Vaccines Too

We’ve heard many concerned cat owners ask the question: “Why does my cat need vaccines if he/she doesn’t go outside?” While keeping your cat indoors may reduce the chances of exposure to a wide variety of feline diseases, there are still ways your cat can …


Litter Box Training Your Cat

One of the leading undesirable cat behaviors that many pet owners struggle with is their cat(s) not using the litter box.  In fact, many cats are surrendered to animal shelters every year primarily due to litter box related issues.  While discipline techniques don’t work with …


Cat Body Language 101

As all of us cat parents know, sometimes our feline friends can be quite difficult to read and understand.  To end some of the confusion, check out this infographic that breaks down feline body language through simple doodling.

How many of these have …