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Is It Bad Behavior or Canine Pain?

While most undesirable canine behaviors can be eliminated with proper training techniques, some behaviors may be signs of underlying medical conditions. Since our dogs can’t tell us when they’re not feeling well, they sometimes use unwanted or even destructive behaviors to try to tell us …


Life Saving Dog Tricks

We’re continuing to celebrate National Train Your Dog Month by featuring these extraordinarily important tricks!

1) Sit: This may seem unnecessary to include for many dog owners, but some doggy parents really struggle with this basic command.  Whether it be because you’ve rescued a dog with …


Side Effects of Pet Obesity

It may be easy for us to show affection to our cats and dogs with an extra treat and difficult to admit when they’re getting pudgy, but sometimes the extra pounds can add up quickly and bring harm to your Fluffy or Max.  Here in …


Healthy Pet Body Goals

Many pet owners become aware of their own body goals during January, but what about our pets?  Are you familiar with what is the ideal body weight for your specific pet?  We so often see memes of overweight pets or ASPCA commercials with with severely …