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Wonderful Service Dog Graduation

Though all pet owners love their animal companions, service animals and their owners have a unique bond. While our pets rely on us, those with service animals rely on their animals. Meet Christa, a service dog owner who went above and beyond to make sure …


7 Pets Who Are Ready For School

Our pets are willing to follow us until the end of the world. With Back-To-School season finally here, these pets are gearing up to join their humans on the journey of education.


1) These three pups are teaming up to finish their summer reading …


Why Indoor Cats Need Vaccines Too

We’ve heard many concerned cat owners ask the question: “Why does my cat need vaccines if he/she doesn’t go outside?” While keeping your cat indoors may reduce the chances of exposure to a wide variety of feline diseases, there are still ways your cat can …


6 Benefits of Indoor Cats

Though it may be tempting to let our feline friends roam in the outside world, the risks far outweigh the benefits.  While outdoor cats sometimes enjoy more exercise and mental stimulation than our indoor cats, the dangers that come with the territory include disease, injury, and …