Cats Who Love The Vet

Going to the vet can be a scary thing for our feline companions.  New smells, weird noises, and strange people can all be stressful for a healthy or unwell cat.  Despite this, these cats have found a love for their veterinarians! Check out their photos!


So, What Is A Hairball Anyway?

As cute as all felines are, it’s not particularly adorable to see them wretch up a hairball on your carpet. So, why do cats get hairballs anyway?

As your cat (of any breed) grooms himself, sometimes he’ll swallow loose hairs during the process. Cats’ digestive …


Does Your Cat Need Grooming?

As many cat loves know, cats are pretty independent animals. While most cats are fully capable of grooming themselves, here are some situations that might make it difficult for your kitty to keep herself clean.

A messy cat: If your cat tripped into some paint, …