Wildlife: Meant To Be Wild

If you’ve got a pet who is constantly on the lookout for wildlife, you may come across an injured wild animal or a baby that seems abandoned.  Though it may be tempting to bring the animal into your home to nurture it back to health, …


4 Pets With Wild Besties

Many of us have some sort of wildlife in our backyards.  While many pets feel the need protect their homes, others take the opportunity to make some new friends.  And we must say, these friendships are beyond adorable.

1) Squirrely kisses are unconventional but still appreciated.


Litter Box Training Your Cat

One of the leading undesirable cat behaviors that many pet owners struggle with is their cat(s) not using the litter box.  In fact, many cats are surrendered to animal shelters every year primarily due to litter box related issues.  While discipline techniques don’t work with …


Dog Park Etiquette

Bringing your dog to the dog park can seem like a dual-edged sword.  On one hand, it’s nice to see dogs playing together and may allow for you and your pet to meet some new friends.  On the other hand, one bad experience can change …