Cats Who Love The Vet

Going to the vet can be a scary thing for our feline companions.  New smells, weird noises, and strange people can all be stressful for a healthy or unwell cat.  Despite this, these cats have found a love for their veterinarians! Check out their photos!


Microchip Procedure in Pets

Not sure what to expect when you take your pet to the veterinarian to get a microchip? We found 2 videos that demonstrate the procedure for you!

For Dogs:


For Cats:

Notice that neither the cat (Roxy) or the dog (Bowser) had strong, negative …


Pranks on Pets!

Happy April Fool’s Day from our pets to yours! We found some hilarious pet videos to get you into the mischievous spirit!

These poor dogs have all been pranked.

Cats, while more difficult to prank, have priceless reactions.

Which prank was your favorite? …